You can reduce expenses by taking inventory of HOW you spend your money and you can increase income by working overtime, getting a second job (no tax benefits) or becoming an entrepreneur (tax benefits). Profits allow you to become worry free and debt free. You can now build your capacity to control your life, your capacity to create memories for your family, and your capacity to follow your passion instead of feeling trapped. A paradigm shift starts to happen in your life. Your health improves as you begin to prosper! Your happiness quotient soars!! You are now the Chief Financial Officer of your finances!!! Your profits will buy your assets!!!! This is magical!!!!! Now, it’s time to create a vehicle to increase your profits.

Nothing happens by accident. There is a reason why you are reading this at this moment. Maybe you want to build your capacity to follow your passion, to help your community, to contribute to your favorite charity, start a foundation, or to create leverage for you and your family. Whatever the reason, it begins with YOU, Inc.! Are you ready to start building your financial capacity?

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It is well documented that Americans are the worst savers in the free world. This also includes individuals who earn over $100,000 per year.

• According to recent surveys, the average American has not saved enough. Only 43% of Americans have $1000 of more in savings for an emergency.
• Americans are enslaved to debt. The average household with debt has a mortgage of $172,000, credit card balances of $16,000, car loans of $28,500, and student loans of $37,000. These are the averages only.
• As of 2017, the average Social Security Benefit was $1363/mo. which is $16,356/annually. Verify this sobering statistic with your parents and/or grandparents.
• And according to a 2017 GOBankingRates survey, about 12 percent of respondents had between $1,000 to $4,999 in a savings account, while more than half of Americans (57 percent) had less than $1,000. Americans may still owe more in debt than they save.

Making “more’ money is not the answer. The answer lies within financial education (money intelligence) so that you will know how to make smart money decisions.

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I will share info with you that helped me to increase my savings/investments, get rid of debt, to follow my passion and to build a legacy for my family. It is so SIMPLE, but you must decide and believe that you want to do more, be more and become more because YOU CAN!!!

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Contact me today for a free 15-minute consultation at 832-496-0886 or at to begin your financial journey right where you are.